A good editing program is an absolute necessity for any photographer, even if you're just a beginner. In post-production, you can adjust tons of things like brightness, contrast, colors and also add a final, signature touch to your photographs. Adobe Lightroom gives you many possibilities to improve your photos, but editing each image manually is a very time-consuming process. How to make it simple and spend less time editing hundreds of photographs? Lightroom presets are the answer!


Photo Editing with the Adobe Lightroom and Presets

Lightroom (Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC) is an Adobe graphics editor with many different photo settings. It is often used by bloggers and influencers for editing photos and creating a structured feed in Instagram. Bloggers especially love the ability to work with presets.

Presets are professionally designed, advanced filters or template styles with a range of preset settings. You are able to copy the specified parameters from it and apply them to the processing of your photo. The file can contain all the standard settings: white balance, brightness, shadows, exposure, and any other.

Presets help you to save time and simply use the ready-made settings for quick and easy photo editing.


A simple way to describe Lightroom Presets is that they are pre-configured editing settings. They can be applied to your photos with just one click. Presets allow you to create cohesive style and aesthetic, change shadows, highlights, white balance, add tone overlay, grain, or increase the overall sharpness. You can also treat them as a editing base, and after applying a preset do some additional adjustments as well. This will save a lot of your valuable time and energy.

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